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I went car shopping with my brother and mother without an idea as to what car I really wanted yet - it would be my first car. We walked around the lot first then went inside. We were greeted by all the employees inside with a smile and they allowed us to view their inventory in peace before one of the salesman approached us. At this point, I told him that it would be my first car and I wasn't sure what I wanted yet. The salesman was really personable and gave me suggestions what a good first car would be for a young driver like me. He showed me a white Volkswagen Jetta and I fell in love. He turned the engine on, allowed me to sit inside, get a feel and detailed the car to me. He was very patient and my family and I felt at ease. It was probably his patience and no pressure approach, and my love for the car, we put our deposit down and signed the papers. It was the experience I was hoping for!

I am a repeat customer of Import Motors Canada. They are the only used car dealership I deal with for all my purchases. They've always gotten me the best deals, always understanding of my financial situation and willing to work with me until I find something I love. In the past, I bought a Mercedes GLK350 and a Nissan Rogue. Recently, I went back with my friend to help him find his car and I saw that they have really increased their employee numbers mostly finance managers. They do financing too now which is great to see their business expanding. They will always be my go-to car company!

I got the best car financing option with Import Motors Canada. I needed a truck for work purposes but have bad credit history due to a bankruptcy. They were able to help me out with a Ford F150! I love the truck, have had no issues with it and it's all thanks to Import Motors Canada they gave impeccable service.

I saw a 2010 Dodge Journey on their online inventory and rang them up for general inquiries. When I had a free weekend, I stopped by to see it. It was perfect for my growing family and I. It had great mileage of around 100,000KM and a price that was competitive. The salesman was very patient and I didn't feel like I was getting pushed into the car. I even had to think about it and they were so relaxed about it. I came back a few days and was greeted warmly by everyone! It was such an easy and friendly buying experience, I will definitely recommend this place to my family and friends.

Henry at Import Motors Canada had excellent knowledge about the 2012 Volkswagen Passat we wanted to buy and answered all our questions like safety ratings, fuel efficiency, car maintenance, car operation and details about interior and exterior of the car. He treated us like family and even after the purchase, was always willing to answer our questions. I highly recommend this place to everyone!

I never bought a car without seeing it before but Massi at Import Motors Canada was able to find me the BMW X3 I wanted in Quebec for $5,000 cheaper than I could find locally. He made it so easy. He showed me the pictures, the Carproof, answered any questions I had and I gave him a deposit to show that I was serious but he advised that if, for any reason, I am not happy with the car once it arrived, I could have my deposit back. My deposit was just a show of good faith that I wanted the car. Anyways, when the car arrived, I took it for a drive and everything was perfect! Exactly what I wanted diesel, low mileage, AWD, white on beige and drove smoothly. I drive my car with such pride and always advertise where I got it from. I am going back to Import Motors Canada for my next car. I'm going to make my husband go there as well! And my future unborn children!

Excellent customer rapport, made me feel comfortable, able to get any car you want, very competitive prices what else are you looking for when dealing with used car salesman, just don't want that sleazy stereotypical feel these guys are not like that at all. Can always go back to them if there are any questions or issues just makes you feel like family. Just give them a try and see for yourself.

I have the worst credit history due to a mobile company putting my account through credit collections which I disagree with and refuse to pay but I knew because of this, a lot of financial institutions would reject my car loan application. Sure enough they did, and I had an old 2002 Jimmy on its last life. I only wanted an American make SUV or truck. They explained that I couldn't get a truck because the price would be too high for my budget which I understood but they were able to get me a 2010 Ford Escape! I was so happy because 1) they approved me for an in-house loan and 2) I got a decent condition American SUV in great working condition! The finance manager even took the time to sit with me and go over my monthly budget they are honest people. I am just grateful.